Logged into the app but your videos are not showing as available?

This can happen when a password has been changed or a new account is created when you have been previously logged into the app. 

Generally your device will remember your login details and automatically log you back in using old credentials which can cause you to see an in app message that looks like this:

To correct this issue you will need to clear the cache and data for the Lo Rox Aligned Life App. 

To clear app cache and data follow these instructions:

1. Open the Lo Rox Aligned Life Studio App,  tap "log out" then close the app again.

2. Open your device "Settings" and tap to open "Apps"

3.  Locate the Lo Rox Aligned Life App and tap to open

4. Tap to open  "Storage" 

5. One at a time tap "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache"