I always recommend my signature bellicon rebounder.  It is a bit more expensive than some models - but I have tested them all and if you want to buy something for the long run, I believe the bellicon is the best investment. The materials it is made of and the construction is first rate and it will truly last for years.  I have developed my signature model to be the right size and configuration for my model.  While you can choose different strength bungees if you are very light (Medium) or very heavy (Extra Strong), I have found that for the great majority of people the Strong bungees are perfect.  

Other rebounders are also good - and if you have one you like, that is perfect to use!  Make sure you do some research if you are buying another brand - get one with good reviews, good customer service and a guarantee. Be sure to get a rebounder with bungees, not springs!

Checkout my signature rebounder here